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Hobbies are activities undertaken by individuals in ones leisure time. Hobbies usually depend on each person's interest  and involves activities that they enjoy doing in their free time. Some of the most common hobbies are playing games, playing any kind of instrument, singing, dancing and crafts. 

Most of the hobbies require some kind of talent or dedication. Some other hobbies such as reading, listening to music or collecting stamps or any other collection do not require any specific talent. However, all these activities are undertaken to remove stress for a person and bring in some kind of peace of mind and joy.

Arts and crafts are one such hobby which requires a lot of talent. Arts and crafts are items which are usually handmade and require lot of creativity. Some examples of arts and crafts are painting, knitting, jewelry making and pottery. These types of hobbies require talent and concentration to produce a decorative piece of work. 

It also requires good imagination to create a good piece of craft. Arts and crafts can also be an expensive hobby as it requires lots of raw materials. However having arts and crafts as a hobby can turn beneficial economically, if turned into a profession.


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